• Joma Top Flex 404 Royal Fluor Turf Soccer Shoe

Joma Top Flex 404 Royal Fluor Turf Soccer Shoe

$ 75.00

$ 54.99


Top quality leather upper, for Professional players and the most flexible shoe on the market. Reinforced rubber toe cap protects the foot and reduces wear. Rubber outsole DIN-70 abrasion resistant.



The Joma model Top Flex is the flexibility made footwear, Joma has obtained that footwear would be as flexible as the foot, thank to exclusive patented technology by the brand.

Top Flex is design with three exclusive technologies that adapt to the player needs.

The union between the upper and the insole make the shoe adapt to the foot sole supplying the sole all flexibility that the foot can admit.

Pulsor System: three pieces situated in the front and rear part, it helps to absorb the impact footstep at jumps and assist the thrust.

Technology 360: exclusive system of JOMA SPORT by the design of all elements, the shoe adapts to the foot round outline. In this way, it provides high stability and it expects injuries that could cause by the empty between the foot and shoe.

The new Turf outsole is made of double-density rubber, with a lower height which improves the kicking sensation. The studs are strategically placed to give greater stability, improve flexion and the foot´s natural movement. The studs are placed to reduce wear when playing on aggressive surfaces.